Mykris Limited, a company listed on the New Zealand Alternative Exchange (NZAX) on 10 January 2012, is the parent company of one of the leading companies in Managed Internet Service in Malaysia.

VIKING (Vetilot)

It was previously known as Investment Research Group Ltd (IRG), The group has sold all operating subsidiaries and is now a new operating company


Finzsoft is a world leader in the finance and banking market. Finzsoft’s flagship product Sovereign offers both core and vertical specific solutions behind leading building societies, banks, credit unions and finance companies throughout Australia, New Zealand and Internationally


42 BELOW Limited, a drinks manufacturing company based in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. Their flagship product is the vodka 42 BELOW and the gin South Gin, as well as 420 spring water (still and sparkling mineral water) and the House Quality Vodka brand Stil Vodka.


Dorchester is a New Zealand owned company that has already helped more than 110,000 Kiwis save for their future goals, and we continue to provide innovative insurance and loan-based products that are easy to understand and simple to put in place.


Charlie’s Trading Company Limited was established in New Zealand in 1999 by three honest friends who were talking one day about juice. They thought it all tasted processed, unnatural and was generally undrinkable. Juice was a subject close to the heart of these three.