IRG Investment Yearbook

Recent Projects

IRG is a sponsor for NZX and also offer full Investment Banking Services

Listing of Public Companies

IRG Directors and Management have had considerable experience in listing Companies on NZX and NZAX.
IRG is an NZX Sponsor and is able to introduce companies to NZX for listing.
IRG is interested to talk to parties who have a desire to list on NZX or NZAX and they are able to advise the most appropriate strategy.
This can be via a full prospectus , a Reverse Take Over (RTO), a merger or via a compliance Listing.
There are many factors in to be considered and full facts must be known prior to making any recommendations.
Once the Clients business and objectives are known IRG would them give the client a full mandate setting out terms and conditions plus the timing of the events plus terms and cost of listing.

Share Placement

A company is often seeking to grow its business.The ability to access capital is an important part of this.
IRG can assist by approaching investors to accept placements of shares.
Shares must be placed within the relevant rules eg NZX, FMA etc.
Generally often a placement can be made up to 10% below market.

Acquisitions And Merger

In Building a business , it is often important to acquire a complimentary business.
IRG can assist in identifying such businesses, undertaking " Due Diligence" and completing the transaction.
The transaction may be very simple or it can be very complex.
The key factor is to be clear on the reasons for the acquisition and also the maximum value the business is worth to the acquirer.
Management of IRG has experience in this field over a 25 year period.

Sale of Holdings

If a party wishes to sell a significant holding of a company it can often be difficult.
The key factor is to identify the right parties and not put undue downward pressure on the price.
IRG can assist in such strategies.

Corporate Strategies

All successful companies are a product of successful strategies. The key factor is to have robust, informed debate during the process of the formulation of strategy.
IRG can provide management and experts in industries that will add to the debate.
IRG will NOT prepare the Strategies , it will provide personnel who are able to critically analyse the situation and to bring thought and information to enhance the outcome.


IRG relationships with parties who are prepared to commit capital to investments.
These parties are able to commit to buying shares or to advancing money to parties.
This is useful in the event that a public offer is made or a party needs to confirm funding to declare a contract unconditional.
The ability to commit to a project will often give a purchaser price advantage.
Note: The acceptance is always subject to a number of conditions eg, market conditions at the time, the transaction being acceptable.

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